Monday, June 6, 2011

Call for blogs/articles supporting Meghan Gurdon's "Darkness Too Visible" article

I would like to add some links to blogs and articles that support Meghan Cox Gurdon's Wall Street Journal article. I disagree, obviously, but it seems only fair to offer readers a full spectrum of views concerning the question, "Is YA content too dark?" But i've been looking... And searching... I'm sure there's one out there... Humph...

Okay, if you know of one, or if you've written one, please, please comment with a link.

I've updated this post:
Here you go peoples. A drop of rain on the sun.
"In Defense of Meghan Cox Gurdon, Children's Book Reviewer" by Janice Harayda, novelist & journalist (One Minute Book Reviews):


  1. Mine:

    Author J.B.Cheaney:

    Lenore Skenazy, not responding to WSJ, but with her own take on what's available in YA lit:

  2. Sherry, thank you so much! I've been thinking of writing a follow-up blog after the YA explosion, but wanted to explore all sides of the conflict. The sites you have shared are great, and highlight important points. Thank's again for taking your time to share.

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  4. Had to delete you, Sologake. Thank's for the comment, but your link had nothing to do with what I was talking about. Kind of like my stance on snow pigeons (though, I'll say again, that I have nothing against the birds).