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'Guardian of Werewolf Keep' by Nhys Glover -Review

‘Guardian of Werewolf Keep’ by Nhys Glover is a very heartfelt read. Young Phil –short for Philomena- must travel to the lonely end of the moors and live among werewolves for three months, as stated by her father’s will, in order to receive her inheritance -Her father’s legacy, which answers many questions regarding their estranged relationship.

While there were many unexpected pleasures, there were a few things that I did not care for, such as the instant chemistry between Phil and Byron (the guardian). It is easy to understand how Byron could become immediately captivated with Phil after being surrounded by grief and burden for many years. Though, with Phil’s background as a simple worker surrounded by men who thought they were too good for her, I would have expected Phil to react firstly by throwing up her learned guards rather than surrendering to her lust. But as the story progresses, the ups and downs of their relationship feel very sincere and realistic, as does their love. (After all, Byron is a genuine, sweet hottie. Who’s gonna toss HIM back? ;)

Also, I felt that the letter from Phil’s deceased father disclosed too much information. Rather, it would have been more natural for Phil to learn these things while staying in his room and investigating. In letter form, the information sank in as fact, but did not garner much of an emotional response from the reader.

However, the positives far outweigh the negatives. I loved the solitary feel of the moor and the utterly fantastic way that Glover brings the residents and the Keep, its self, alive. It is a very unique experience. Though readers meet the Keep and the residents by way of Phil’s initial presumptions, Glover makes sure that the way the residents view themselves and their predicament are equally explored. Because this information is so intricately layered throughout the book, the entire storyline is richer. I honestly enjoyed all of the characters and look forward to Glover’s spin-off story about Jasper. (But I have to say that my favorite character is Charlotte. :)

If you are looking for a fast-paced, action-packed read, this story is not for you.

‘Guardian of Werewolf Keep’ is perfect for readers who enjoy love stories with substance and a classical supernatural touch. 

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