Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Indie Life -Or something like it


Well, I have to admit something. I need to come clean... I've been seeing other words.

That's right!

I've been editing a lot, lately. And I love it. After the strain of last year (And yes, I'm aware that we are in the middle of THIS year), my mind was scrambled. A million ideas just kept swimming around up there and I wasn't able to get them out properly. Until now. 

Helping others with their writing is therapeutic. When I sit to write my own work, I feel revitalized. I've never had a problem with ideas, but sometimes I talk myself out of my own style, or push myself in the wrong directions. By helping fellow writers, they help me by instilling the same values I try to share:

1) Never doubt your style
2) Follow your gut and strive to improve
3) Take chances because you can always hit the 'Delete' button if the gremlins turn on you

Don't worry. This isn't a whiny post. This is actually a thank you post.

to all of the writers
who trust me with their work!

to all of the writers
who inspire me every day!

I read something important a long time ago and it still holds true. Writers should never view one another as competition. We should embrace each other as allies, friends, and coworkers. Even if we're known as "those freaks who understand me", it's something positive, something from which wonderful things grow. 

And from that, stories and characters find life.

So thank you!

Now get on with your bad selves, freaks!



  1. Yes! We're not competing! There are plenty of readers to go around. :)

  2. Yeah, it's not like someone is going to buy a book, read it, and then announce, "Well, that was it. That was the one. My search is over." :>