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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Forgetfulness Has a Season

Sometimes I forget how to write. Or so I think. That's how it feels, anyway. I get lost in the world, in my head. I live and love, and experience so much away from my computer and paper. It's wonderful to be "here" in the moment rather than "there". To not be accountable on social media. To not worry about updates or word counts.

I take pleasure in the little things. I take time to grieve the big things. With everything, I take my time.

But then my brain wants to make sense of it all. It wants to piece it all together, string it to my heart and back. Only, in order to do that I have to remember how to write again because it is how I process the world. And it feels just as wonderful to write as it does, during those times of forgetfulness, not to. 

Forgetfulness has a season, but every season has an end. And ends are just as important as beginnings because sometimes they are the same thing.

So maybe I'm back for a time. To write and chat and piece the world together.