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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Review: BLOOD & SNOW series

I purchased this YA read on Amazon the other day on a whim (only 99 cents for the 4-pack). It starts off slow, however, Workman offers new tidbits of info at just the right moments to maintain a steady flow. The pace is perfect. And there is always a new element being dropped into the storyline, making it much more complex than originally anticipated.

My not-so-likes:

-I feel like the character Snow should be a little older. Maybe eighteen, but not fifteen. It just doesn't seem to fit that well. I still think her home life and abandonment issues would have survived a slight age bump. However, it is what it is, and it's not a deal breaker by any means. (The covers are gorgeous, but they suggest an older heroine, which made Snow's age a bit of a shock at first.)

-The main character's name. It is actually Snow White. That was really hard for my brain to grasp for, like, the first two volumes. But I eventually got over it and it just became part of the character.

-Volume one, BLOOD AND SNOW, is not a whole book. It just stops. There is no wrap up or lead-up to a big cliff-hanger. Had I only purchased volume one and got to this point -I won't lie- I would have been hot-damn pissed. NOT because of the length. Because, rather, I would have wanted to know immediately what was happening in the storyline and it would have killed me to wait. So, note to future readers, buying the volume 1-4 pack is best because you will want to read them in one sitting. (Or two, as was the case with me.)

-There are some odd comma placements happening. I won't lie. But they are not spontaneous. They won't jump out at you from a dark ally with a shiv. There is a pattern, and it is really not that distracting once you get into the rythm.  

Workman knows how to tell a good story. I have never been one for fairytales, but the BLOOD AND SNOW series adds enough vampire action -which I adore and could never live without- and original ideas to create a rich world with characters that readers can't help but care for. Seriously, not once did I daydream about bludgeoning a character to death. They all bring something to the plot, especially Christopher. I have a cougar crush on Hunter Christopher.

With all of the recent Snow White hype, THIS is the original spin that should have been in theaters.

So is this worth your time? I don't know, but it was sure as hell worth mine. So much, in fact, that I just purchased BLOOD AND SNOW 5: PREY AND MAGIC for 99 cents and BLOOD AND SNOW 6: MASQUERADE'S MOON -which is FREE December 12-13th!

Happy reading!