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Sunday, September 15, 2019

A New Book Is Coming Your Way

The Hope & Darkness Series- 
Post-Apocalyptic New Adult Romance

Book One coming October 2019: 

When the future of mankind is threatened by an ailing planet and insatiable human advancement, world governments agree to ban the modern way of life, cutting off electricity, technology, and medical services, dismantling the global economy for one hundred years.

To say they were desperate is an understatement. 

The world is twenty-five-years deep into this self-imposed darkness known as the New Beginning. In the early days, the bureaucrats raced to the cities turned villages. Everyone else de-evolved into small clans, hoping to ward off illness and reduce violence. Incidentally, a mysterious pandemic has been turning the sick into zombie-like beings, eating away their flesh and minds until nothing is left. 

The survivors are facing a new danger: starvation. But hope lives anywhere darkness blooms, and each day the truth grows closer, as hideous as it may be. 

Through the horrors and deception, love thrives in a world that chose to die.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Review - Frost Burn, by Erica Stevens
FROST BURN is a fun read. There's a little Bon Temps action with the cozy neighborhood bar Quinn waitresses at. She has a past, and a particular power, that could make anyone scream for mercy. Turned into a vampire six years ago, Quinn muddles by. She lives frugally and kills anything preternatural that threatens her. 

However, a prophesy has been making its rounds in the vampire community quicker than family gossip. Quinn might be their future, their salvation...whether she likes it or not.

Julian and his friends walk into Quinn's life one night, and getting rid of them proves to be a major pain in her ass. They must protect her to ensure that the haphazard vampire race does not rise with a twisted purpose, using her power for their personal gain.

Quinn is tough, sassy, and fun. Her slowly evolving relationship with Julian felt refreshing and realistic. Jumping in the sack right away might sound nice on paper, but it can become scripted. The slow burn is always worth the wait.

I have already started reading book two in this series, Arctic Fire

Review - Blood Vow, by Mina Carter
Maria is looking for revenge. She has decided to hunt the dangerous streets for rogue vampires. The same type of vampire that killed her sister, who was a half-breed like her. Only, she meets Marak, a warrior vampire fighting against the rogues. They have an immediate pull toward one another, and he agrees to train her to kill rogues.

The set-up is great. The idea for BLOOD VOW is great. I only wish Maria had held onto her ambitions to kill rogues. Her need for revenge kind of peters out when she realizes how much she likes Marak, who lies about who he is by giving her a different name. His friend's name. Why his friend's name?

Also, Maria is fighting against the patriarchy of the vampire kind. The males always protect the females, who are supposed to stay locked away, safe and bored. She doesn't want this in the least, to be someone's "little woman".

(SPOILER ALERT) So..she loses sight of her mission to avenge her sister. It's more important to be Marak's soulmate. Marak's nickname for her is "Little One", which I find degrading and a little creepy. Is she a child or a fully grown equal? And the difference between their heights is constantly referenced, which constantly gave me images of a tiny person with a giant. As a short woman who has dated taller men in the past, believe me, it never turned me into the size of a yard gnome. In the end, she gets married, so she really becomes Marak's little woman. (END SPOILER ALERT)

The writing is wonderful. The storyline has such potential! I'm just not sure I can overlook Maria's lackluster attitude for being a modern woman avenging her sister. Would I give the second book in the series a try? Maybe. I'm always up for redemption.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I think any paranormal vampire romance reader would enjoy BLOOD VOW. These are just my personal hangups that I have expressed in my review. 

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Review - Marked By a Bite, by K. J. Padgett

MARKED BY A BITE has earned a place on my bookshelf, right next to Lynsay Sands. Hands down, Ryn and Luke are one of my favorite couples in a long time!

I came across MARKED BY A BITE in a Goodreads group by chance.

Ryn is a believable character. She is a modern college student with relationship fears because of a recent breakup. But it is her easy attitude and smarts that won me over. Usually, I find myself yelling at a character not to fall head over heels for the guy. Not to lose herself and everything she has worked at being. Not to run downhill into a cheese grater. Ryn is a girl after my own heart. She has major feelings for Luke, but her reasons for not rushing into that good night are valid. Sane. And she isn't allowing her feelings to cloud her judgment when danger is close by.

Luke is harder to pinpoint. I tried to find a box and label, but couldn't. That was refreshing. He isn't pompous or pushy. And yet, he isn't a pushover. He is sexy and vulnerable in all the right ways (the broken glass scene, ah-hem), and Padgett leaves a lot to be explored in the series. There is much the reader is left wanting to know about Luke, like why he is allowing two ass hats to run a clave that obviously belongs to him in some way.

I will definitely read every future book in this new series, and anything else that Padgett has to offer.

If this sounds like a book for you, show K. J. Padgett some love. Find her on Goodreads, Amazon, or her Author Page.